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Below you will find more information about the NTP platform to help you to get started.

‚ÄčThe model review was based on the developer's model homepages, manuals, tutorials and key literature. Please note that we cannot guarantee the correctness of the model specifications and information. Furthermore, the fact that a model is or is not included into the database does not mean that we endorse the model, or that a model may not be appropriate for a specific application. The models included in the current version of the database represent a subset of a larger list compiled. Detailed information about further models as well as updates and amendments to information about models already included will be added gradually. The correctness and usefulness of this model comparison platform relies on your comments. For this reason, we would very much appreciate if you could give us feedback, comments, further information or recommendations to improve the information of the models reviewed.

If you would like to add your model to the platform, please follow the instructions here

A publication describing the concept can be read here and at ResearchGate (publication link) where you also can participate at the project discussions

The platform is based on the open source tools Elastic and Kibana and currently hosted at

Tutorial (Nexus Tools Platform Version alpha)

Intro on How to use the Nexus Tools Platform (v. alpha)

The tutorials are currently only available for the previous version of the Nexus Tools Platform (NTP alpha), but we are working on updated tutorials.